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Smoochie is back


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I played for some rounds in this server and felt like a downgrade :(


Perhaps try tomorrow during prime time.


You should know that a good portion of pvpers left for the Bastion when transfers were made available. In end, it doesn't really matter. Swtor pvp has been slowly dying and will never be what it used to be. I don't even queue any more and that's coming from some one who used to only pvp.


There just isn't any thing terribly exciting or fun when you compare swtor to LoL or starcraft that have a functioning solo rank queue, group rank queue, and various other types of queues. You don't need to deal with augmentations or acquiring a new set of pvp gear each time a major patch comes out. I knew that those rank queues for warzones and later arena were never going to take off under the current system, but whatever it's not my money that is being used on software development.

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