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hmd MAGENTA Offering Raid Spots for Hateful Entity


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Everyone here is talking about "earning" the title for the run and everything, but what I think you are failing to realize is that you aren't exactly earning it yourselves. If you are paying HMD to run you through, well then you are being ran through it. Being placed in a backpack and along for the ride. Benefitting off of their accomplishments and then prancing around the fleet afterward saying look at my title I'm a bad ***.


With that said I think what yall are doing is great and really helping out the community HMD, so don't think I am bashing anyone in this post. Just throwing it out there for the few who are arguing that they want to earn it. If you want to "earn" it, gather your guildies and start from scratch, that way you feel the true accomplishment.


Personally, I would never buy a title, but if you want to buy one you cannot ***** and moan about what those who have earned it are charging. That was my only point.

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