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Level 55 Vanguard LF guild for HM's, Ops, Weeklies guild for gearing


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I'm a level 55 Vanguard tank speced trying to get geared with Ultimate gear. I'm looking for a guild that regularly does weekly Ops, HM's and other weeklies/dailies. I'd like to maximize my ultimate comms per week if possible. Currently, I have 33k hp and about 9.5k armor. If you think your guild could help, please feel free to contact me on here or in game. Name is Galactacus.
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We at OBM are always looking for dedicated players to raid with us and if you need help with getting gear that's part of raiding.

have a look at our website at:




or talk to anyone of our officers about joining our small little raiding family.

d'laan corzan ryhas quenuss alic'ia wanidan or garpino.


we raid on mon tues weds Friday and sat nights being mon-weds start times are at 7:30 est and Friday starting at (est.

mon tues and fri are sm/hm raids nights while weds is starfighter night and sat being ranked pvp

just on a side note we use Ventrilo so with that said hope to hear from you soon

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