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Some stuff to consider!


I assume with the unique animations for flying to Oricon & the Fleets you guys have more of that on the way. I'd looove to see more of that. • Much like in KOTOR where each planet had a unique landing\takeoff animation, showcasing the immediate area around where you land with a special soundtrack & so forth.


• I've also noticed that when you do take off from the planet, the draw distance for the ship is extremely low. You begin to fly away & the ship disappears quickly & kind of ruins it x\


Also! I remember way back when Makeb was first being showcased, & how they made sort of a big deal about the Gravity Hooks used to go between the Mesas & the docks & space stations. But it is just an elevator mechanic!


• I'd love to see a nifty animation for zooming up the grav hooks.


Hmm what else.


• Oh yes, a title for fully exploring all of the planet! "The Cartographer." C:

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