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<Invictus> Recruiting Again All Roles


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Invictus is now recruiting for future NiM DF/DP content. Currently we have a need for strong healers.


Requirements :

Vent (with mic)

Experience with DF/DP HM content.

Full 78 gear (min/maxed preferred)


Please apply on our website with your gear, experience, and intentions. http://www.invi.enjin.com/


We also have interest in all roles including tanks and dps for anyone that is interested, please also apply on our website, or contact an officer in game.


Invictus currently has 5 HM progression groups 4 of which are 10/10 on current HM content and the 5th is 9/10.


It is time to ramp up for NiM content and Invictus wants you on the team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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