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I keep dying against easy computer enemies


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I'm doing much better. All I was doing before was just clicking strike and not using any of my special moves. Also, I had equiped some armor that was not useable (that I got using cartel credits).


Thanks everyone. It's much more enjoyable that I'm not getting killed so bad.


One other thought; if you're clicking on your enemy, you're severely handicapping yourself. You might want to consider going through the preferences to see where your keys are; press [esc], select "Preferences," then click on the bottom middle tab, which IIRC, should be labelled "Keybinding."


Within that tab will be all the keyboard shortcuts for everything you do. The most important one (from what it sounds like you're going through) will be "Select Nearest Enemy." By default, that's assigned to the [tab] key, but you may wish to change that to "Select Next Enemy." The difference is that you may not always want to attack the closest enemy; generally speaking, it's better to attack the weaker enemies first (to minimize the damage you're taking), then attack the stronger one(s) once the weaker stuff is down and no longer hitting you.


Also, you may wish to change the setup of your abilities. The game assigns abilities onto your ability bar in the order you learn them, which isn't always terribly easy to use. You might wish, for example, to place your Leap ability in the far left box, followed by a basic attack (Strike, in your case) in the 2nd, a stronger attack (Slash) in the 3rd, etc. That's an extremely basic setup, of course, and there are better options later on, IMO, but that should get you started.

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Thanks George.


Yeah, I click on enemies / and click on the commands rather then automatically attack.


You bet. If you need help with learning how to use the UI, reassign your keybindings, and how to not be a "clicker," let me know. I should be on later this afternoon and I'd be happy to go through this with you.

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