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Tutorial Mission Terminal


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There are a few things about some of the mission terminals currently on fleet that strike me as being rather odd design decisions. I think it's really weird that there is a social terminal where you get the mission that says to hit social I and then to purchase and use the social badge, and then you never see another mission on that terminal ever again after that. I also find it odd that the priority terminal offers the "Introduction to Warzones" mission when the focus of the terminal throughout the game is PVE content.


I would suggest drawing clearer lines between what belongs at which terminals.


Replace the priority terminal that's outside the starter planets' elevator with something clearly marked as a tutorial terminal. If possible, add a trigger that automatically gives all new characters a mission telling them to interact with that terminal when they arrive on fleet for the first time. At this terminal they will find all of the "Introduction to" type missions and the social mission (remove the social terminal) and the mission about talking to the crafting trainers and whatever else all in one place. I think this terminal should also include a new mission labeled "choose your advanced class" at the top of the list to help point players in the right direction.


Keep the priority terminal as being strictly about flashpoints. Keep the PvP terminal strictly about PvP. Maybe even introduce a starfighter terminal just for the starfighter missions.


Make it all nice and organized. Make it so that everything is sorted appropriately. Don't let any of the terminals end up seeming like they were a waste of space.


Edit: I'd like to add to this that maybe it would be okay to spam the tutorial terminal a bit. Put one in the same hangar as the starter planet shuttles. Put one in the same hangar as the capital planet shuttle / door to the first flashpoint. Put one on each starter planet next to the the fleet shuttle. Put one on each capital next to the fleet shuttle. Give new players who don't know their way around yet multiple opportunities to stumble across it. Then they can get all of their tutorial missions that point them towards the things they need to know about.

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