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[Republic][Swedish Guild] Looking for new members


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Hello (again)


The Swedish guild "May Contain Squirrels" looking for some new blood.

We are a layed back guild that wants to have fun when playing.

Avarage age in the guild is 30 and most are lvl 55, we do however recruit all ages and levels.

Many have familes and some work night so we focus on OPS on the weekends, but if we have ppl in we r trying to do things on the weekdays aswell.


Even if some members enjoy playing PVP we r mainly PVE focused, but we do what we feel like.

During OPS we r keeping to the tactics and we do whats need to be done, but theres no yelling or namecalling among the Squirrels, but however, u will need to be able to take some jokes :D .


The most important thing to us is the atmosphere and the feeling that everyone knows everyone, so at the same time as we looking to grow, we dont want to grow to big or to fast.


If you are intrested or have some questions , drop an ingame mail or take contact with Bezbelly.

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