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Help me [Guild Name Here], you're my only hope!


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Hey all,


Returning player here. Originally played at launch and just now getting back into it. Looking for a guild who do PvE and PvP equally and are pretty chill and good to hang with. Would prefer a mature bunch over a g-rated guild.


I am on GMT+13, what with living on the isolated island of New Zealand, but if that doesn't perturb you, jolly good.


I'll be re-rolling my IA as my main, defs a loyal citizen of the Empire. But if you've got a Reb branch I'm keen to start a trooper.


Otherwise if anyone wants to level with, I'm down for that, too. Love me some light roleplay. Goodness, that sounds bad. As does this post.


I've got a bit of MMO experience; definitely not the greatest player, but I like to think I play fair and sensibly. Never been in a guild for long, but looking for a good gaming community as my mates aren't playing swtor atm. Ready to learn to do this proper. Only got Skype, but if you use another comm. system, I'll jump to.


Miscellaneous info includes: Male, 23 years of age and I work as a landscaper, which is basically glorified gardening. I enjoy piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. Actually I don't even drink, but I do like outdoor activities, the usual collection of pop culture fixations and I've a passion for Japanese culture.


So, if this n00b self introduction wins you over please gives a bell.

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Greetings Feronasu,


My names Tanmi GM of <Red Five>, we are a Republic guild. We have 200 members, with around 20 constantly active. We are both PVP and PVE oriented. We run HMFP and OP's mostly on the weekends, we run WZ's (55) and do Open World PVP. We have a guild bank accessable to all members, we have a vent server and 10% bonuses to experience and reputation. Good grp of guys and gals, mostly mature guild members that work together and help each other. If you are interested please PM me or send me a mail in game, i'm on evenings during the week and during the day/evening on weekends.


Tanmi Lighterfoot

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