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EA/Bioware:Please! save your game


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to be fair, if it were as easy at it sounds, wouldn't they have done it by now?


It's not about difficulty, its about money. We already know thanks to data miners that the code already exists which means the only thing left is the physical servers that have to be built which costs money. Now whether BW doesn't want to spend it or EA doesn't want to fund it is up in the air, but given the amount of money the game has made....It shouldn't be an issue. I mean, they made 139 million since F2P....They can spend the money to improve this game, but sadly I think EA just wants to ride it out till the game dies while just giving just enough budget to do minor changes/improvements.


We will most likely never see cross server queues and server mergers will probably be the more likely thing to happen. It wont surprise me when this game inevitably ends up with 1 NA pvp server and 1 NA pve server and then 1 EU pvp and 1 EU pve server.




Also while at that please migrate the game to Frostbite 3.


Speaking of difficulty. That would be an impossible task. Not only would they have to redesign everything, but you just alienated probably more than half of the population. Most MMO players don't have high end PC's and I've lost count of how many times someone said they play this game on lowest settings which means they tend to have fairly old PC's.

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Sorry for inconvenience,


But please we want cross-server! This is the only way to save your game (PVP aspect)

I hope it's note too late


First, no it's not the only way to save them game. Second, it'll take way too long to implement in excess of a year and draw too much attention away from smaller fixes in the mean time. We need a solution tomorrow, not a year from now. And there are plenty of fixes they can implement in the meantime

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