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OPEN-SERVER 16-man Republic SM Scum & Villany (Saturday Feb 1, 1 PM EST)


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THIS OPERATION WAS FEB 1st YAH NERFHERDERS! aka it already happened. Thanks for coming!

We will be running SM Scum & Villany.




Saturday, Feb 1, 1 PM EST


You can sign up for fun or if you need gear or achievements. Remnants of Hope enjoys raiding and would be happy to have you along with us for our open server raids. If you're interested in joining us permanently, visit http://www.remnantsofhope.com


* All are welcome! Must be lvl 55, no gear requirement

* Must be willing to come on our Teamspeak (preferred) OR know the fights very well

* Must be able to listen, learn and laugh

* To sign up, post here with your character name and role!

* You are also welcome to just show up day-of. /whisper Scya (Republic) or Eavesdrop (Imperial) ingame


Tank: Scya (can heal or DPS badly)(Remnants)

Tank: Margulis (Remnants)


Healer: DaddyK (can DPS)(Remnants)

Healer: Eliian(Remnants)

Healer: Zedphyr



DPS: SPR(Remnants)

DPS: Tarinka (Remnants)

DPS: Neves (A Coy)











backup Zeki


*If your role's slot is filled, please still post! We can shuffle!

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