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Two bugs I've noticed with Rakghoul Resurgence event


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I've noticed two bugs with the event. Well, one I know is an event-related bug, the other I'm not sure if it's a bug or if it's event intended.


First, the navigational beacons for the quest do not always spawn correctly. The most notorious of these is the southernmost one in the center zone (just west of the Eyeless). I was questing on my assassin and the beacon was not up on 2, so I transferred to 3, was not up there, so I went to 1, where it was up. Considering that this is (I think) comparable to the macrobinoculars and Makeb quest items, it should not be despawning randomly when players scan it if that's what happening. I'm wondering if in certain incidents it does not show up at all.


Second, and before any players jump down my throat, I AM NOT WHINING ABOUT THE ASPECT OF WORLD PvP! I do enjoy world PvP, am proud I play on a PvP server, and I sport the Judged Dread title (which requires killing 1.500 people on Oricon). And if it does get to the point of being ridiculous (like when a group of 4 is focus targeting on one character at a time and camping out an area so I cannot get any questing done in a timely manner at all), I can move to another instance. HOWEVER, what I do have a problem with is when my companions (my two favorite characters are my shadow and my assassin, and I use Nadia and Ashara respectively) decide THEY want to attack other players I do not attack myself nor instruct them to attack. I don't think said players attacked my companions since they're not in PvP gear and don't seem to losing health fast enough to indicate being attacked, so why are Nadia and Ashara just randomly deciding to target other people that are, as far as I know, just minding their own business? This is especially annoying when I am attempting to attack NPC's for a quest objective and they're off elsewhere NOT assisting me with killing the NPC's. If I intend to engage another player in combat, I will do so, but I expect my companions to obey me their master and not just wander off like Towelie. And yes, ALL my companions on both my shadow and assassin are 10,000 affection. Most of my companions across my legacy are.

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