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PVP flag flu the PVP flag Glitch.


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Yes that is my nick name for it. where if you have a player in your group that you revive buff or get buffed by or antagonists jumping into your PvE aimed AOE effect you get tagged. This flag flu is annoyingly difficult to get to turn off. 5 mins in a safe zone or just /flag and wait with out any pvp activity. well thats how it NORMALLY works, but the past number of times i've been infected with the pvp flag flu its taken me well over 12 hours to get the damn thing to turn off and that's just sitting in my ship! so why not bring in the old SWG pvp flag system, this will please pvpers and PVEers as that flag you could turn off any where and any time, BUT it would only turn off while you were not in pvp combat. more over maybe stop it infecting people that do not already have it turned on. there is nothing more annoying then trying to do a heroic and a bunch of trolls are sat there just waiting to run into your AoE and get you stuck in pvp so they can attack you. please sort this out so PvEer and PVPers stop clashing and we don't get a pvp flag glitch. Edited by BlackfoxKitsune
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