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<Sarlacc Snack> (I) is now recruiting!


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:csw_fett: SNACK


If you're looking for a relaxed, friendly, and fun Imperial guild where you will feel welcome (and be digested over a very long time), then Sarlacc Snack is the place for you.


What we look for in members are people who are friendly and who can behave cordially towards other players; basically people who can follow the ToS and also not act like jerks toward their fellow players. We want the guild to be a friendly place where all types feel welcome and free to enjoy themselves while playing.


All account types are welcome. PvEers are welcome. PvPers are welcome. Raiders are welcome, though we're not quite ready for guild raids yet. Even if you're a solo player, you are welcome to join us for the camaraderie and advice. And you've got to admit, it's a pretty cool guild tag. ;)


Right now we are the first to admit it's a smaller guild. We're certainly growing, though, and hope to get some players in that can stick around help us become as active as we would love to be! It is a friendly group, and we would love to be there to answer questions (Nazzir is great with world PVE, lore, datacrons, etc.; I'm pretty good with raiding, gearing, optimizing, etc.... basically we can either answer your questions or point you to a good resource!), plus of course we're a troll-free respite from general chat.


You can leave a message in this thread, my inbox, apply on the website, or /who Sarlacc Snack and talk to somebody in-game.


If you're curious about the guild name, it's because our founder spent a lot of time at the Sarlacc Pit during the 2012 Rakghoul event. They became best friends sharing stories over her long digestions.



(Apologies for the double thread, by the way. My forum access is a little more reliable, and I wanted to ensure y'all could reach me here.) :)

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Thanks for posting on my thread ^^

I was shooting for Republic. But I'll probably find no luck finding a great guild as good as this one on the Republic side.

So, inbox me and tell me what time you'll be on tomorrow ^^

my timezone is GMT -5. Tell me yours so that I'll know when to log on in-game so we can talk about me joining the guild ^^ I'll make a new character on Imperial side tomorrow when you've contacted me here :p


Scratch that, I made a character and am talking to Raksheel in-game and waiting on an officer to arrive :)

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