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Planetary commendations GSF Daily and Weekly


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GSF so far is great, it's been very helpful in providing for an alternative levelling process. I've levelled several characters doing the class story and flashpoints only, after having seen the stories enough times, the difference between levelling with flashpoints and GSF is that with flashpoints you always end up with a decent amount of commendations to purchase new gear. For GSF I'm running into problems now because I don't have the commendations to keep my gear up, and not enough credits to straight out buy them off the GTN.


I'd suggest rewarding players below level 50 the same amount of commendations they'd get from doing the Flashpoint daily, namely 5, planetary commendations with the GSF daily to help them keep their gear up to continue their class quest. At this point, I'm so undergeared I don't even want to queue for a Flashpoint. Rewarding 10 for the weekly additionally would also make it on par with the FP weekly quest reward.

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