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Longest patch times in the universe!!


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Recently I was having issues with missing textures for the new cartel pack mounts so I logged a ticket in hopes of a quick fix. I was told the following:

If characters or NPC's are missing graphics or body parts or if the game world is not rendering correctly, please delete the Bitraider folder in your installation folder, by default found here:

For 64 bit Operating Systems - C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\BioWare\Star Wars - The Old Republic\ BitRaider\


First I had a look at the file size as I did not want to delete a huge chunk of game data as I live in Australia and internet is poo here so I have only 60gb quota for the month. Anyway the file size in 21mb so I though "cool it will download that file and then do a repair and fix anything that is broken/missing". 4 hours and 10.5gb of downloads later the "Play" button lit up!


I got into the game and the missing textures were fixed!!... Or so I had thought..

After work the next day I log in to find the textures are missing again so I thought bugger it I'll wait for the next game update and perhaps the files will do a repair then.


I am currently downloading 2.5.2a and since starting my post "I type slow with 2 fingers and proof read as I go" I have progressed from 76% to 79%... have almost downloaded 1gb of data and have to go to bed soon.


From the patch notes this looked like a small update... Or do we re-download the game for every patch? :sul_confused:


/endrant.... 80.5%

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