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VIP lounge = good place to hide from plague


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Oh wow! I honestly hadn't thought of that.

I usually head to the GTN when I'm nearing the end of Stage 2.....

Do you get many in the VIP lounge? I like to make a big explosion.


At least on my server there are rarely more than 5 - 10 players.

There was someones wanting to do it yesterday ... it was so nice to watch him blow constantly putting my Revan statue next to him after bought vaccine.

I think he got annoyed (and gone to try exploding in areas bellow) before I had finish with RE-ing :cool:

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The vaccines cost pennies...


Not if you kept a stack of them you got as rewards from the last Rakghoul event ;-)


I annoyed one player who was following me around on fleet, I knew they wanted to infect me.. So I clicked on them to see when their stage 2 clock was gonna end and injected myself 2 secs before they blew.. they said I was no fun in general chat xD I could of just ran away to one of my many hidey spots.. but wanted to annoy them that they wasted time on me than a random crowd of people

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