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Side effect of the Vengeance changes... hybrids back in play?


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With the changes to Rampage, one thing I'm not sure many have considered is that it will now allow for a reliable method of pumping out burst and maintaining Rage even while in Soresu form.


Even if you only go up to Rampage and don't get Shatter, you can still proc an additional Ravage every 10.5 seconds along with covering most of the Rage cost for that second Impale. In PvP this could have huge implications, as you could theoretically play in Soresu and still do almost as well in terms of damage as in Shien form.


You could make a tanky hybrid where you only take Rampage and then go up to no channel Choke in the tank tree, or you could even spec totally Vengeance and just play in Soresu form.


So, do you like the potential of what we could do in Soresu form with these changes? And do you think it might be overpowered, possibly requiring them to lock Rampage stacks to Shien form like they've done with Powertechs and their Prototype Flamethrower stacks?


Lastly, here's another potential PvP hybrid with the new Rampage, kind of an old one but given a new life now I'd think.




You have Unstoppable, a second leap to close the gap with your target in Obliterate, a reliable way to reset your Ravage even if not as easy as full Vengeance can do it, a root on your Ravage, an auto-crit on your always free Smashes, lowered cooldown on Choke, and increased damage on your Vicious Throw which combined with Impale will give you auto crit Screams.


It wouldn't play as smoothly as full Vengeance, but it would have an advantage in staying on a target thanks to Obliterate, and the auto crit Smash would still do fairly nice damage. And thanks to the new Rampage, you're still going to do very nice damage, you can very easily save up 1 stack of Rampage and set yourself up for a burst rotation on a target that includes 2 Rampages, an Impale, and auto crit Smash and Scream (along with Vicious Throw when they get low).

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I was actually thinking the same thing, though I was hoping that they would re-work the tree, since currently it has 46 spendable talent points in it. Which is more than any other skill tree in the game, most are 40,42 or 44. By adding the root to the Tree they bumped it to 46.


My hybrid idea would run in Shien form and needs some tweaking for the Vengance tree (since some of the points I just tossed on there since the tree "may get some changes")



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