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How to level up without doing side quests?


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Well there's this newfangled thing called Galactic Starfighter that may help you out with that :rak_03:


Beyond that, be sure to pick up the Legacy XP upgrades for Exploration (plus Class quests if that's one of the options, I can't remember offhand) and any other ones appropriate to your gameplay style.


PVP Warzones, Flashpoints, and to a lesser extent Space Missions are all great ways to make up XP as you level once you're past your starter planet.


You should definitely pick up some XP boosts off the GTN as well, either the general boosts or the more specific boosts if you know you're gonna be concentrating on just Starfighter, just Warzones, or just Space, etc. (If you're doing you class quests, definitely use a general Experience Boost, since you'll be gaining XP from killing mobs, quests and exploration all at the same time). The Complimentary Experience Boosts you get at the end of each planet for your class quests help a lot with this.


Most servers have plenty of Leveling Guilds that are open with who they let join and provide an added 10% XP bonus as well, they tend to recruit on the starter planets and fleet, so they shouldn't be too hard to find - these can also make getting groups for FPs a lot easier and WZs a lot more enjoyable.


P.S. Not really sure why you put this thread under "Off Topic", you'll probably get more feedback under General Discussion and this question is definitely fair game for that board.

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