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Noob question, but...


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Pretty much.


Ship Req can only be used to purchase upgrades for the ship you earned it on, although you can convert it into Ship Req by paying CC (1 CC to convert 25 Ship Req into 25 Fleet Req).


Fleet Req is primarily used to purchase new ships, such as the Flashfire (Sting on Imp side) or Pike (Quell on Imp side), along with unlocking other crew members. However, it can also be used to purchase upgrades on any ship. If you don't have enough Ship Req to purchase an upgrade, it give you a message saying you can spend Fleet Req to make up the difference. Considering how slowly you earn Fleet Req, this is generally a bad idea. However, you can pay CCs to convert Ship Req on one ship into Fleet Req, thus allowing you to purchase upgrades for another ship (equivalent to using Legacy Gear to equip alts).

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