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Orange Rare Tiered Armor Sets (Sith Archon's, Force Magister's and TD-17A Colossus)


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About two weeks ago, I decided to put together the tiered orange sets such as the Jedi Battlelord's, Sith Champion's, Jedi Myrmidon's, etc. After having a good run of success, I've hit a brick wall. I need three pieces to complete all sets for all classes but I have yet to see them on the GTN and I have no idea where to farm these particular items as my research has come up empty. The items in question are: Sith Archon's Belt, Force Magister's Waistwrap and TD-17A Colossus Gloves. If anyone has any ideas on where to find these particular items (something more specific than mobs or lockboxes), please let me know. It should also be noted that, if anyone should have these lying around the cargo hold and are on the Ebon Hawk server, that I will pay a hefty price to complete these sets.
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