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LNR : Council HM Video


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Hey there Late Night Raiders,



As promised yesterday, I am uploading the hilarious Council HM video one shot where Bronstir went AFK to pick up his pizza. Not knowing each individual guild website, I will use this section of the forums. Without further ado, you can find the unedited video here.




PS: Cheers to Outbreak / Catalyst for the 2 hours per night sleep I got this past month :D

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lol u still do those....


Reminds so much of the old Lord Calypho days and pressing buttons with closed eyes at 0400 AM.


Grtz to u my friend. Nice music.



Hey Nutpen. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah the 4 am Dai Bendu runs with Geor seem to have glued to me :D. Music is from Mass Effect 3 as I purchased the Collector's Edition and I got the Soundtrack as well. Yeah, the past month and a half I have been raiding 24/7 with 6 alts and it is exhausting but I won't change a thing. Some members of this community are great and I am happy to contribute as much as I can. Sleeping is overrated anyways :D

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