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BH Ch. 3 Ending/Makeb Intro - Looking for Specific Video/Info [SPOILERS]


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What I am looking for is someone who recorded the Makeb intro video, where Darth Marr contacts your ship, but also who took a specific option at the end of Chapter 3 aboard The Tyrant.


The option I'm looking for is where

you told Darth Tormen that you were done with him and he told you "You may regret those words". I'm curious if Marr has anything to say about it specifically since you kind of snubbed Darth Tormen or if all three options lead to the same conversation with Marr. I've seen the LS version of the Makeb intro and I've seen the DS version from when my first BH ended with the 'You and me, Darth' line.



I've been checking Youtube but not having any luck yet so I thought I'd ask for help.



While I'm at it, what does Marr say if you choose to

just carbonite and deliver

the chancellor? I know

Tormen wasn't too thrilled with that option so I wonder if it would change Marr saying that Tormen spoke well of you.


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Fairly sure they all lead to the same thing, like you, I've done both LS and DS - and the third option seems pretty insignificant compared to those two choices...


If he doesn't comment on those it's highly unlikely he will have anything to say about you telling off a Darth.

It's been a while since I've finished the LS BH storyline, but don't you kill Darth Tormen when you side with the Chancellor? That seems much more worthy of commenting on IMO.



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Yeah, when you

kill Darth Tormen the Makeb dialogue is Marr saying how Tormen spoke well of you before his death. When I killed the supreme chancellor, Marr said Darth Tormen credits you with the execution of the supreme chancellor. and then he goes on about me being an outsider because I asked if he had a problem with BHs or me in general. I just want to know if he says that stuff no matter the option you take with Tormen. It makes sense that it'd only be tied to the big decision of killing Tormen vs killing the chancellor but you never know with these dialogues.

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I just happen to have a bounty hunter, level 48, finished class story, didn't start Makeb, took that option with Tormen. Seems to make no difference from what you have seen. If you ask about Tormen, Marr says something along the lines of Tormen only represents his own ambitions while Marr is contacting you on behalf of the empire.

My first bounty hunter


killed Darth Tormen

so the intro with Darth Marr was a bit different, but otherwise the conversation goes the same way.

EDIT: just got this mail, and made this video. Seems like whatever you say to Tormen at the end is irrelevant, what matters is what you do with the chancellor.




Now I'm just curious if


Can you flat out refuse Mandalore's offer to become a Mandalorian ? And if yes, how does Darth Marr refer to you ?


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EDIT: just got this mail, and made this video. Seems like whatever you say to Tormen at the end is irrelevant, what matters is what you do with the chancellor.




Cool, thanks for helping out with this. The email from Tormen looks to be the same one my first BH got and the Makeb intro is the same, as well.


I edited my original post with another question because I got to thinking if Marr would have slightly different words if you

deliver the chancellor to Tormen alive. I get the feeling it wouldn't but the way Tormen reacts when you bring him the chancellor alive, he very well could decide to not talk nicely of you and therefore change Marr's dialogue.

I took that option but wasn't happy with the results so I reset the quest and redid it. I have a third BH on my secondary server but I don't think I have the will to level another this soon (he's only 19).

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