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Who's laughing now Watcher!?


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http://i.imgur.com/lIAs3KO.jpg <<< the link is named Aseko! WHAT!? WHAAAAAAAAA!?




Also who's laughing now Watcher!? I DID IT! DIIIIIIIIIIIIE! Also Watcher if you are not stupid and mongo please reply on the forums. :D

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Huh ? I've obtained that Karagga palace mount back in early 2012 on Nightmare, it wasn't a problem then, it certainly shouldn't be a problem now to be obtained by a level 55 O_o ?


Shh, he doesn't have to know.. Look how he is happy with it, all these screenshots.. :o

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It's like a flashback to the olden days. ;)


Golden days.. I do miss 1.1 - 1.3 times, cause then it was more like a KoTOR game, without CM, bolsters, when crafting orange armor was actually a way to make money, when it was hard to find a good unique look for you char, mounts were either expensive like corelias commander, or rare like this one, but then it felt more like personal achievement than just "ispendrealmoney!", noobies in recruit gear :), viable guardian hybrid :D


However I'm not complaining, I am happy this game is still up, and I buy cartel packs and etc. just nostalgic :p

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What a piece of garbage. :( And I feel bad for Larsson and Seele watching at it.


I've got something you haven't! Also Larsson gave it to me, of course he will look at me playing with myself in a nonsexual way. And Seale is my butt buddy. He's always in close proximity to me. :D

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