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Cartel Market Packs Need an Operational Overhaul


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Spending real-world cash upon a game is always a frivolous thing, so it is a frivolous matter to complain about it, but nonetheless, after playing this game for a little less than a year now, I finally dropped some money on cartel coins in order to purchase a bundle of twenty-four Pursuer's Packs.


Firstly, I congratulate the programmers and concept developers on SWTOR for their generation of original material that brings fun and flavor to the game. I love RP, so the outfits and materials that we're given access to through the market are a real pleasure to me.


However, I believe that the system which generates the materials that we receive needs to be changed. I do not know exactly how the program determines what is in each bundle, but I do know that for those who pay real money for these packs, it's bordering on insulting to receive duplicates, triplicates, and quadruplicates of items that should be "original" and no more. For example, one might assume that one could only receive one pair of Fett's Gauntlets, rather than three. I became fed up with the Potent Champion's belt by my third. I received three "spike" e-motes and two "wave" e-motes. I received a few sets of dresses, which could conceivably be designed and marketed to people in massive quantities, so it made more sense, but they were virtually entirely useless to my character. Of course, they look fine on my companion, but that's still not necessarily of great worth to me.


That aside, I would propose that a method is devised by which the materials from packs are logged and, once in inventory, not sent out as legitimate pieces of gear. There are many other items that might be substituted for dupes of original materials: credits, reputation vouchers, other pieces of gear, or smaller gear bundles that one might look at like some manner of Cartel refund package.


Once more, I congratulate you on the interesting addition to an outstanding game. I spent on this sort of stuff on EQII and found it gave their already extensive and fascinating world more depth, and opened up a vast trove of potential for more character development. What I'm asking for here is not a complete overhaul...just a fair shake for people spending their hard-earned, real-world dollars/euros/rubles/nuevo sol/pesos/etc on your game for the sake of these 'flavor bundles'.




Ebonflail (Xandergost ap'Madoc on Ebon Hawk)

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