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Possible Hybrid Spec: Please Test!


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Ok, I am a returning Guardian player. I played guardian since beta and launch but hung my hat during 1.5- 1.7 I believe. I have since played scoundrel heals and shadow dps.


My friends and I came up with several possible specs for 2.4 and 2.5 we would like the community to test and give feedback.


Both specs are defense / focus hybrid builds. What we need the community to test is the type of gear used in the spec. We dont have enough dps gear to test a full dps build using a shield instead of focus. So we are begging the community to test the viability of these specs for arena and general pvp.


First spec, 33 / 2 / 11. http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#500rrRbddMRrdMZbZfbbk.3

Full control of defense tree with most of the necessary cooldowns including kick reset on force leap.


2nd spec, 27 / 2 / 17. http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#500RrRbddMRMbZbZfbbkrM.3

A bit less control, loss of kick reset on leap and 10 less seconds on enure. Gained auto crit on force sweep.


3rd spec, 28 / 7 / 11 http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#500RrRbddMRMdZf0bZfbbk.3

Going up vigilance tree for a bit of focus on cc.


With all the specs you get:

-15s on stasis

-15s on push

10% heal on resolute

3s root on force leap

zealous leap w/ 1 sec root

defensive stance 100%

30% bonus speed when guarded player is attacked

instant (no channel) stasis

hilt strike

warding call


I have to be honest, so far my favorite spec is the first spec with dps gear and a shield. I love all the control and cc and defensive cooldowns I get from defense but also the roots and stasis cooldown reduction from focus. Having the 3rd leap is also amazing with zealous leap. Ive been testing this with 2pc vindicator for guardian leap heal and 2 pc war leaders for 1sec more on stasis.


So again, I beg the community to help me test a few specs with different sets of gear to see the viability of regular warzones and ranked arenas where dps and survivability matters most.



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this is nice idea to replace guardian slash for zelaous leap and 10% heal but I think you should play it as tank not as dps in tank stance - because you have many stuns and feedback for your team - guardian leap, taunts etc. And you should definitelly focus on doing tank stuff not dps :) switch guard stun push etc. Because when you will focus on doing dps you will lose tank seeing of battlefield and your guarded player will be far away or dead - that is from my experience. But I will try build with zeloaus leap (first one I think) soon.
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