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Healing Alterations for Arena (sensible idea i hope)


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Dark Infusion 5500-9000 is the healing my sorcerer will pull together from one cast, in full pvp gear with 3 obroan pieces, this is measured on fleet not in pvp to be fair but its lengthy cast will always make this difficult to use out of a pve setting.


Operative healers are so good for arena they are simply everywhere, is scoundrel their counterpart, anyway its getting to the stage now that people are quitting solo arena and taking the loss and points deduction just to save wasting their time.........and its common to sorcerer/sage healers to be asked not to queue anymore as they're costing players in the leaderboard.


Operatives can be taken down but the dps read to be really on the ball and id suggest the healer not quite receive the protection they need.


Operatives are the first choice healing for operations with for eg a sorcerer and his healing slash extremely useful aoe heal to look after the rest of the group....




I don't like seeing buffs id rather see just minor nerfs in order to see the correct balance of things but you have a lot to consider when balancing because of pve/pvp SO...........................


Give Dark Infusion a suitable buff and slightly reduce the casting time, don't make it a free cast or too quick but make it worthwhile for fake casting in pvp and then cast it in a minute and allow it to make a real difference, Id like to see it nearly doubled to 10000-17000 if you get chance to pull it off which mainly just won't happen anyway but at least the chance is there and THAT shouldn't change too much pve wise id say cos as main tank id still want the operative.


Bounty Hunter/Commando must also have a long slow heal that could do a similar thing and this way you can just leave operatives alone................is this any good and would it do the job in real terms?


I thought so I put it to you, thanks.

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I disagree. My Scoundrel can hit a 3000-5000. (A 7,700 if he's lucky, in 5 pieces of Obroan.) And that is his LONGEST cast. In order to make my casts bigger, i'd have to get power, mainstat, and surge. In order to make your casts shorter, I suggest alacrity. We play with the classes we pick - and we know how they function. I get a s--t storm everytime I want to do an Op because I'm not a sage or a commando (sorc or merc in ur case). However, in ALL situations - all healer classes have their ups and downs. Scoundrels/Operatives get out DPSed in alot of warzones if DPS focus on the same target. Sage/Sorcs don't have that problem. Their dilemma is that they can't be mobile when necessary.

I understand your frustration, but my recommendation is to focus on some other stats - even 10% alacrity would make your heals a ton faster.

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Ok, you are saying that your Scoundrel, same as operative, is no better than a sorcerer/sage when it comes to healing in arena?


Jeeze im afraid not many people will believe you or you are really doing it wrong.....it is widely known and completely obvious that your class is streets ahead of the other classes for arena healing and are always first choice for operations main tank healer.............but the lack of quality dps does cloud this issue for sure.

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