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Bounty Hunters Week Contracts Idea


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My level 49 and 45 characters were only able to complete the kingpin bounty by grouping with lvl 55s. If we were in the same group, a level 55 mob would spawn and you couldn't do anything. Every attack was resisted and heals were a fraction of what was needed. If not in the same group, a lvl appropriate mob appeared, but would die to the lvl 55s attacks so quickly that you couldn't freeze the mob.


I was thinking that for the most part, the completed contracts became rather worthless after unlocking all of the kingpins, so what if we could use them to purchase buffs. Perhaps for 5 contracts you could get a "nueral boost" to improve your weapon accuracy, allowing you to attack lvl 55 mobs without missing (or at least a "normal" miss rate). Perhaps for 10 credits you could hire a second companion (or unlock all of your companions) so that you can solo the kingpin for those who don't care to group or are on the server at odd hours.

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