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Remnants of Hope 24 Hour Marathon for Breast Cancer!


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On August 18, 2013, <The Remnants of Hope> from the Jung Ma server will be hosting a Remnants of Hope A Thon, ROH-A-THON for short. For 24 hours, The Remnants of Hope gaming community will host constant streaming of gameplay from Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2.


Why do this?

One of our guild members, Haloa Ohana, commits herself to walk 60 miles once every year for a span of 3 days to fight breast caner with the Susan G Komen 3 Day for a Cure event. She's finished her fundraising for the minimum $2,300 that is required. However, at this point she has to start paying out of pocket for her gear. This gear includes shoes, clothing, food, gas for getting around while not walking, water bottles, etc.


So in order to support such a noble cause, the Remnants of Hope Gaming Community will be holding a 24 Hour Marathon, ROH-A-THON! We are going to be running 24 hours of gaming starting at 12am on Sunday morning and ending 11:59 pm that night. We are streaming all 24 hours with multiple streams so you will be able to watch everything going on.


Stream & VOIP Info




If you have any questions feel free to visit the Remnants of Hope forums @ www.remnantsofhope.com/boards. Moreover, to all fellow Jung-Ma'ers feel free to give us a shout on Sunday as you very well may be a part of the stream!


If you want to swing by in game or via the streams everyone is welcomed to pass by and give their support! Moreover, if you are interested in funding Haloa's trek of 60 miles in the good ol' Dallas Forth Worth area of Texas feel free to visit her personal "Krazy 4 A Cure" website for more information.


The Remnants of Hope looks forward to partaking in a 24-Hour ROH-A-THON and look forward to seeing all Imperial and Republic players alike giving us love. Thanks in advance!



SWTOR Division Commander

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I play 24 hours straight most days of the week lol and im sure alot of other people do too, personally and not too be rude to the cause your doing it for i would of liked to seen you do 48 hours, as i think it would have been more effort to do to show your support even more but thats just my opinion
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Well it's not just 24 hours straight of one person, but for example group activities. Warzones, Flashpoints and etc in SWTOR and Fractals, Events and such in GW2. I'm not going to act this is some crazy event, but rather a nice little thing to help guild unity for our community. In short, this is a guild-wide event where we are coordinating as much people being online at once and do stuff in shifts. Thanks for replying :)


Moreover, if anyone is interested in joining us in a group, lowbie or not, we will run people through all sorts of content! Giving back to the Jung-Ma server.

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