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Enough "3rd Factions" Let this war proceed!


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Well, we know, from any class story line, that the war does effectively restart.


But what happens?


Not much! just a whole new set of 3rd groups entering the fray and being dealt with just as quickly!!



Makeb might give some insight on what's happening, but apart a couple of minor skirmishes with a few members of the opposing factions, it's all about sorting out regulators and hutts who have lost it.


Dread master have left the empire after emperor's apparent demise, becoming a 3rd party on their own, with multiple plans of theirs foiled, and one of the actual 6 dead, with most likely a number varying between 1 and 5 of them to go when 2.4 comes around. but that's just a wild guess on my side.


Well, Czerka is also a 3rd party, although instead of even attempting to conquer stuff, it simply gets conquered by rep or imp.


Not even the Ilum chain can be seen and full-on war content, since it's just malgues that makes his own 3rd power which gets smashed proper quick and all.



With that said, when are we getting true " progression of the war " content? as in proper fighting republic/imperial army units and their sith/jedi defenders...?

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Since they've full-on adopted the WoW model of two factions being largely meaningless outside of who you can group with, I wouldn't count on it.


This is one of the central problems of having factions in PvE-centric MMOs. Customizing content for each faction takes too much development time and resources, so instead they throw generic third factions at you over and over and over again.

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