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Shaking up PvP with no new Levels


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Levels are difficult to come by, simply because they need to be designed, balanced and skinned. This can take lots of time, but we already have Warzones, why don't we just "repurpose" the current WZs and simply add some new game modes. I understand this may take some coding, but it would mean that new content could be added without involving any of the level designers, freeing them up to make more Operations and new Warzones.


Novare Coast

Defend and Destroy - Team 1 starts out with all three mortars. Middle and Far mortars are locked until Close mortar is captured, which then Middle is unlocked. Far mortars become unlocked once middle is captured. Once a mortar is captured, it is uncapturable. Attacking team loses if they can't capture enough mortars by time their base is destroyed. No base shields in this game mode.


Bomb Loading - In addition to keeping the mortars, bombs are coming in from the coast. In order to fire the mortars, you must deliver mortars that appear at random places along the coast to a captured Mortar. No base shields in this game mode. 2x Damage if you deliver to Middle.


Team Deathmatch - No mortars, no capturable objectives. Only the center, and 5 lives per person. Players that join post-start get the Average Number of lives remaining (rounded down).


Coast Defense - Team 1 holds all three objectives and instead of mortars firing at the opposite base, they are defendable objectives that provide boosts, including turrets, droids and such. Team 2 must fight from the beach to the objectives, planting a bomb on one of the two bases.


Dr.Lorrick's Revenge! - One of Dr.Lorrick's assistants has infected one of you with a Rakghoul Virus! 7 players must kill the one player before they can infect everyone else with the Rakghoul Plague. Rakghoul Plague changes the abilities of the infected, increasing their damage and health.



Capture the Slag - Karadda the Hutt has come back with a new game mode: Capture the Slag. Colored molten slag must be taken from the enemy's slag pit to your own. Careful, its hot! Holding it reduces your speed by 10% and deals internal damage consistently. Slag cannot be thrown, and drops at your feet when you perish. Slag cools to nothingness in 3 minutes after being taken. Slag cannot be turned in if your own slag has been taken!


Team Deathmatch - Karadda the Hutt just loves to see a bloodbath. 5 respawns, last man standing wins. If you stay near your friendly base too long, Karadda will drop gas bombs on you (deals increasing environmental damage until you join the fray). If you lose all of your lives, you can freely leave the WarZone and still get full credit when the game ends.


Owner of the Hill - Karadda doesn't think anyone should be King, but temporary ownership of an area is nice. Each "hill" that spawns is on one of the "fire traps." Fire traps do not fire on their usual intervals, and when they do fire, they deal 180% of Health over 9 seconds in Environmental Damage. Instead, Fire Traps randomly go off, with warning of 1-3 seconds. 1 point per person per second inside the area (if you have the most). If you don't have the most, 1 less point per second. When 50 points are awarded, the Hill switches to another fire trap. First team to 300 points wins.


Backstab - No Teams. 16 players are all placed in the center, and three of you are "it." You can talk amongst yourselves as much as possible (whispering is disabled). Once one player is killed, they are revealed if they were "it" or "not it." The "it" players get to secretly choose one person (collectively) to kill, and Karadda will feed them to his pet Rancor, going back to the first stage. If the number of "it" players equals or is greater to those that are "not it," players (regardless if they were killed or not) on the "it" team wins. If the "not it" players successfully kill all the "it" players, the "not it" team wins (regardless if they were killed or not). Players that are eliminated do not need to remain in the WarZone, and will be awarded credit as if they were there the entire time.


Lights Out - 3 Life FFA Deathmatch...with a twist. You can only see people within 5 meters. If you spot someone, you can see them for 15 seconds (regardless of how far away they ran). Initiate Combat with someone, that person can always see you as long as you are in combat with them, and others can see you from further and further away (maximum 60m).


Ancient Hypergate

Data Collection - The Gree wish to discover your ability to be a Green Bisector while your enemy units are trying to achieve Black Perpendicular with you. Instead of delivering items to the Hypergate, Data Units spawn at regular intervals at random places from 3m-20m away from the center point. Take these data units to the opposite team's under area (the area underneath where they respawn) to score them. No explosions. Other portal is chosen after 15 data units are delivered, or after 3 minutes. First to 35 Data units wins.


Team Deathmatch - No deliveries. Explosions will still occur. 5 respawns. Last man standing wins. If you lose all of your lives, you can exit the Warzone and get full credit when the Warzone is over.


... I'm actually drawing a blank on cool game modes for Ancient Hypergate. It actually is a really bad map for anything besides its primary game mode.



Extended - Same as Voidstar Base except that when you capture the data, you must then deliver it to the exit! Traverse through everything you have conquered and get the data to the exit.


Team Deathmatch - Randomly chosen section to fight in, either Stage 1 (1st Bomb), stage 2 (both bridges are connected), or Stage 3 (3rd Bomb). 5 lives. You may leave the Warzone after losing all five of your lives and still get full credit.


Baradium Charge - As Voidstar, but Baradium Charges (one at a time) must be delivered to the doors instead (icon above their head). Baradium charges are heavy. While carrying a baradium charge, you move at 50% (not half speed, 50%, same speed regardless of what buffs you have), and cannot use any abilities. However, Baradium Charges detonate as soon as they are within 3m of the objective. Baradium Charge dispensers move up to half way through the hallway when you advance. If you die with a Baradium Charge, you blow up! You cannot retrieve a Baradium Charge for 1 minute after you blow up. You also blow up if you don't continually advance towards your objective. You cannot be pulled or pushed while holding a Baradium Charge.



... I don't have time for Alderaan, but you get the general idea.

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