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help with leveling as heal spec with DPS comp


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i am currently leveling a scoundrel. 32 atm. i have just unlock my 1st DPS comp and would like to level using her. i have tried this in the past on my merc and sorc with not so great results. switched to dps spec on merc w/ healer comp and used a tank comp on my sorc. i just can not seem to make heal spec w/ dps comp very effective. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you

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I have played a sawbones as my primary since launch


Dozens of great players have posted tips and tricks the past few years - keep researching - much better advice can be read than what I will try to summarize.


Quick answer for you:


If you really like griding solo, tranq the strongest mob before the pull. Then kill weak to strong. Fight in mele range or in cover depending on the environment. Heal up before you attack the sleeping gold or silver - use you slow release med packs. Turn off area of effect damages of DPS pet if you do tranq. As you move to higher levels and want to stay a solo leveler, your pets gear must be up to date. Use orange gear and planet comms to keep blue mods and armor in all gear. Also, use your tech based attacks as you should not be stacking or adding in accuracy as you gear up a healer. Also, with stealth and tranquil you can skip trash mobs if you want especially if you follow the line of thought below....


Best way to get learn how to heal a team and level at the same time - PVP. Sawbones is optimized for a fluid and rapidly changing situations.


Second best - keep running group finder flashpoints. If you are committed to being a healer - jump in and work to help keep others alive or the enemy asleep/stunned.


At level 55, I currently switch to dirty fighting when I run dailies and switch back to sawbones for ops or flashpoints. I have Gus (our healer that uses same gear as sawbones) run with me when I'm solo.

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That's a great peice of advice. better than anything i have seen. Thank you. Aoe advice for comp will help a lot. In regards to leveling, Soloing was my prob. FP have been my main source of xp. I'm very surprised how esay scoundrel is to heal a FP. Just once I got a dps comp I really wanted to make it work. And I will do a bit more research on the forums. Again Ty.
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Just remember that you'll be a lot more effective if you join in the DPS. You should be healing when you need it, not constantly. Your comp won't have a taunt, so these are the threat rules you need to keep in mind:


Damage generates threat equal to the value of the damage on that particular target

Healing generates threat equal to half the value of the heal on *all* targets in combat


In other words, leave your healing until the end, or do small heals. If you and your comp can nuke down 2 or 3 of a pack of 5 before you need to bust out the heals, then you're in a much better position to handle your threat and keep everything rolling along.


My typical flow is to CC something (making sure companion AOE is off), send the companion against the next-strongest target first - then he/she gets aggro on everything, since he/she initiates the encounter - and then I go after the weak ones with shoot first, back blast, etc - the stuns and high single-target damage abilities I can use. This means that at most, I peel one add off my companion, the rest are still focusing them. If your comp is still holding up, move on to the next weakest, and prioritize back and forth like that until everybody's dead.


Finally, check which stance your comp is in. If you want them to do more burst damage, give them the armor-penetrating stance; the exsanguination stances will give them DoT damage, which won't generate as much threat as a burstier armor pen hit, I think.


Hope this helps along with the stuff above. :)

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