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Prisoner - What Would Jedi Do? WWJD


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I wanted to get a few other people's opinion of a scenario and what you believe the Jedi Order would do in a scenario. Myself and a few others discussed this, but I figured it'd be interesting to hear some other ideas.


The time frame is set during the game's current time, so it is this current Jedi Order with their current leaders. While only one's opinion is needed, hearing why would be nice.


A girl was brought into the Jedi Order at the age of fifteen after having been an orphan in the slums of Coruscant. She has a rough time dealing with the Jedi Order's philosophy and beliefs due to her own life style and hates the no attachment rule and feels that emotions are what make people human.


After she was accused of being a Sith Spy she fled Tython while still a padawan and cleared her name with the help of a Jedi Master who learned she was innocent. Once her name was cleared, she was left to be trained by the Jedi Master until the Jedi Master died. Before the Jedi Master died, they had stated that they believed the girl to be ready for the trials.


The girl failed the trials however and was supposed to stay on Tython for more training. She refused, however, and left Tython while feeling that it wasn't the right place for them and not liking the Jedi philosophy. (Currently 19).


Time passes and the girl learns who her real mother is and tries to get to know her mother (a Sith Assassin and Darth). However, another group of Force Users allied with the Jedi Order end up killing her mother. The young woman finds out, sees a recording, and flips out and is filled with anger.


She attacks the group, but is captured and handed over to the Jedi Council since she is falling/fallen to the dark side.


What do you think the Jedi Order of this time would do with a failed Jedi who is falling/fell to the dark side and doesn't seem repentant?

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Well, we are talking about the people who wanted to

redeem the Emperor himself and thought that bringing him to Tython was quite a good idea :rak_02:


Besides, one of the Masters already managed to convert no one less than a Dark Council member. So my guess is, Jedi would work on bringing this girl to the Light Side until they suceed or until she runs away again. Especially since they did kill her mother, and she has all the reasons to be mad with them.

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I think it would depend on the Jedi in the situation.


But then again the Jedi were willing to entirely exterminate the Sith and their followers in an act of bloody genicide.


I would think that the Jedi would rather that she was rammed through with a lightsaber in a fight and then say kind things as she was burned.

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My opinion:


The jedi order hasn't acted very much like Jedi in the first place. They accuse her first of being a sith spy and she leaves. Only one of the masters believe her and investigates the allegations and finds the truth. The rest of the order failed. Not one of them thought about investigating the allegations so they have started off wrong in the first place.


She disagrees with the "suggestion" not to have attachments which is in her right. It is not a mandatory rule and in this time frame you can have relationships provided you prove to the order you can handle it. Instead of sitting down talking with her they continue to do nothing to help her understand her emotions, feelings, etc.


The only person that took time for her was the Master who investigated her charges and found her innocent. Her master died and then she failed the trials and left. Why would she want to stay on Tython after the treatment it seems she has suffered under these Jedi.


She finds out about her mother and sees the very ones that have not shown her any compassion kill her mother and she gets angry. She is judged to be on the darkside because she is angry and acts out of anger.


Again the order has judged her by one action her anger in seeing her mother killed. If they cannot show compassion and help her come to terms with things then they have failed in what it truly means to be a jedi.


A jedi is not about rules and regulations and judging people. A jedi first duty is to help people and if the jedi council cannot do this then they are not truly jedi and they have failed.

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So, in a given situation we agree they'd try to help, but what exactly would it be like? Would they keep the person on Tython until they gave up on the dark side? Or would they let them go?


Because on one hand, forcing someone to stay and learn from them doesn't seem normal (Jedi were allowed to leave), but at the same time we're talking about a potential dark sider who now wants to kill a group of people.

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My suggestion:


(1) First, maybe they need to see things from her side and understand how she is feeling.

(2) Second, help her overcome her anger by admitting that maybe some of the actions of the jedi were not always correct and yes apologize for some of the mistakes they have made.


They have to share the blame in this instance. They judged her wrongly in the first place making her feel that she was an outsider.


Talk to her like an individual and leave out the idea she is a dark sider. Explain why maybe her mother was killed and understand her emotions.


Then and only then suggest she seek some additional training from a master that can show compassion and concern for the girl.


If she doesn't want to stay, she has very good reasons as to why not, suggest that a Master accompany her and help train her and help her with her feelings.


This is what I would suggest.

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