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Can't exchange parts for a GSI EMP-03 speeder!


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So, today I logged back into my commando in a PvP server, a char that I haven't touched for over one month.


I shouted in the fleet for the parts to get a GSI EMP-03 Explorer speeder and bought them from someone.


I went to Nar Shaddaa to exchange the parts and when I click to do so, I get the " You cannot afford this item! "


I have checked, double checked, tripe checked, all the parts are "green" for me, even the speeder is highlighted in good to exchange, but then I get the above mentioned message every time.


This seems to be happening only after patch 2.3, since previous to it, in another server (a PvE one where I have more toons) I have exchanged 3 sets of parts for the speeder without problems.

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