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Need help improving my DPS


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Hey guys,


I need some help increasing my carnage DPS on a dummy. right now my 5 minute parse tops off around 2930, and I would to at least get to 3k, but it seems I've hit a brick wall. Could anyone give me any pointers? Here's my parse:




and here are the guys i'm trying to catch up with:




Str: 2608

Power: 1804

crit rating: 0 (18.15%)

surge: 539 (74.37%)

Accuracy: 237 (100.44%/110.44%)

alactrity: 0


I'm augmenting power and my relics are arkanian SA and DG BA (power clicky). Aside from that, I have all 72s with 2 69 enhancements. I'm not sure what to do. If there's any more info you guys think would be useful, just ask and I'll post what I can.


Thanks for the input!

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Strength >= Accuracy (110%) > Surge (70%) > Power > Crit (25%)

Keep Berserk up as much as possible

Use Gore+Ravager together and pop a force scream in there if it procs.

Use Vicious Throw if available.

Force Scream if it procs from Execute

Massacre to maintain the buff it gives

Saber Throw if its ok (Dont use if your next to a CC'd add)


Thats the priority system to use with the Carnage build and the Stat priority to maximize damage output.


Hope it helped

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