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Bulk character transfer ideas


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Hey guys, I am going to be leaving Bergeren Colony sooner then later. Today I will be moving my first character to the Harbinger. If I like it and the community I am hoping to move all my characters over.


However, there is no realistic way that I can pay 1800 cartel coins per character. What I am suggesting is a few ideas that discount in the way hypercrates do. For example:


- 3 Pack character transfer for 3600 cartel coins. Basically you would buy two and get one free.


- Legacy character transfer for 6000 cartel coins. Get your main toons over as well as your lowbie alts.


- 10 use open server transfer for 9000 cartel coins. Move any 10 characters from any server to any server. Use over time, so you can try different servers or play on a bunch of different ones.


There has to be an alternative for people with many characters, as one toon is fine but multiple are not viable. Thanks and appreciate you reading this.

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