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Nemesis system for end game?


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Just thinking on this, if class-stories are no longer the core theme of the game post 50 (looking at Makeb) and any future expansions will continue the 'one story fits all' mechanic then, could the Nemesis system implemented in City of Heroes be a good addition?


I think it would suit post 50 content, since the class story has ended there's no further personal enemies to deal with. The inclusion of the nemesis system could allow for players to have their own little arcs, I'd assume it would find a lot of favour on rp servers.


For those who don't know CoH's nemesis system was like so;


You could create your own nemesis via the player creation tool. You'd then participate in a series of breadcrumb missions that would eventually culminate in a big showdown where you defeat said nemesis. Once it ended they either pulled off a jailbreak or you moved on and made another nemesis.


I was thinking if they let you create and customise a nemesis, then a series of smaller 'arc' quests that were random and varied could allow for some additional content in the future without breaking the bank (in theory). They would also have scope to add further missions/quests to the concept, to keep it different.


Anyway I only thought of this because I was running through one of the jedi Knight missions and I got to wondering what it would be like to have my own personal sith pain in the butt once the story and villains have been concluded.


Thoughts? :)

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