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Reality Check Episode 3 - PVP'ERS UNITE!!!!


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Toned down the humour in the post due to the eagerness of the forum moderators.


For the best experience please click on this music video to listen to whilst reading:



There are 4 exclamation points in that thread title. Count them. Four. I'm not messing about with this and I think that many exclamation points proves how serious I am. Four of them.


Ladies and gentlemen, this week will not be Reality Check with The gosh darn Snave. It's going to be Bioware's Reality Check and I need members of our PvP community to make it happen. WE ARE the largest and most active PvP community in this game, we have the largest and best ranked community in the game and they are going to take that away from us because they can't be bothered with even letting people queue for ranked warzones.


"Oh but Snave we get arenas in 2.4 and you don't even play ranked warzones so why do you care?"


Well first of all, refer to be as The gosh darn Snave. Secondly, I care about this community, I like watching the objective play and I think pure death match based PvP is silly. There is nothing to lose by keeping 8v8 in the game, this is a silly decision and we need to make sure our voices are audible.


This is unacceptable.


So surely right now you're sitting there reading this thinking "holy cow he used four exclamation points in the thread title I better get on board with this, how can I possibly help out The gosh darn Snave?". Well let me tell you!


I need any active members of our ranked community to come on the show, preferably all of the team captains across all tiers and especially those in tier 1. Even Gerikke and Roudy can come on (assuming Roudy can go an hour without eating a potato with his mouth open and his mic broadcasting, seriously son cut that out).


If Mr DailyPvP could also make an appearance that would be greatly appreciated, as a person who makes a living(?) out of broadcasting the ranked games I believe his input would be valid. I also pinky promise not to make fun of your moobs, bad hair, you looking like Julian Assange / Yu Gi Oh guy / Sephiroth's little brother and anything else you might be worried about. It would be nice for you to help the community that's done so much for you.


Just because this post isn't dramatic enough here's a poem for you, slightly reworded for SWTOR:


First they came for the concealment operatives,

and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a operative.


Then they came for the Mercenaries,

and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Mercenary.


Then they came for the 8 man ranked games,

and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a factor.


Then they came for the nightmare mode operations,

and there was no one left to speak for me.


Stand up you beautific people, stand up, beat your chest, get angry, poop in your hand and throw it at someone, join me this Saturday at 5pm GMT+1 for the live show or watch the broadcast on youtube the next day and let our PvP community be heard!






PM me if you're interested and able.

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