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Bounty contracts for bounty hunters only and.....


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.....other classes should have their own special daily as well.... Lets take a look at each class and what they could be doing, specific to each job.



Bounty Hunter - The contract system you have for bounties.

Agent - Agents are spies so have them do spying missions. Go to X planet, spy on x base (not just rebel bases) or spy on X npc.

Inquisitor - Finding and capturing holocrons. Sith and jedi holocrons.

Warrior - Killing jedi.



Trooper - This is difficult. Could be a military mission. Like fighting sith troopers/droids, etc. But could also be a policing role similar to bounty hunters but arresting people.

Smuggler - SMUGGLING!!!!!

Consular - Same as inquisitor finding and capturing holocrons. Maybe replace that with specific other artifacts.

Knight - Same as warrior only the opposite side, killing sith.


On the smugglers, the missions would be very basic, go to X planet and pick up a package, person, item. Then deliver it to Y planet. While in hyperspace there is a chance the smuggler gets pulled out of hyperspace. From there he would have to board the ship that docks with him and clear the zone before continuing on. The smuggler might even be able to go to imperial only planets (korriban and hutta) but cant fight the players. Just for deliveries. Even after landing and on his way to deliver the package he could get jumped by sith, republic, or criminal forces.


Each class could also use tokens gained from these quests to unlock special planets just for them. These planets would be similar to their "Starting planets" except the content would be leveled to them. So even a level 20 could go there and do quests that a level 55 does.


For force users the planets would be ones, strong in the mysticism of their side. The sith planet might be Dathomir or Dxun. The jedi planet could be Mustafar or Taanab.


Non force users would also get planets to unlock for them as well. Hunters and agents might unlock Mandalore or Carida. Troopers and smugglers might unlock Carida or Corulag...


But here is the rub. The tokens players could turn in to help unlock a planet could also be used to buy special gear for themselves. Which will you choose to do?


Even after the planet is unlocked the players could still turn in tokens to unlock things on the planet. The planet starts with just an outpost, it has a few story quests that can be done once and a few daily quests. As players turn in tokens the outpost becomes a small fort or city. Turn in more tokens and another outpost is unlocked somewhere else. Also quests become more numerous.


Ok even without the idea of unlocking planets (That was just off the top of my head) the deal here is this, bounty hunters should have bounties. Smugglers should smuggler, agents should spy, troopers should have military jobs, etc. Just offering a bounty week, while interesting, is trying to fill the grand canyon spoonful of dirt at a time.

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