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Altoholics Anonymous - A Support Thread


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Since you're reading this, I can be sure that I'm not the only one who suffers from the horrible disease known as Altoholism! Just take a peek at my signature, and you can see a hint of my affliction, but, let me assure you, those characters represent a fraction of what I've now affectionately termed my horde.


Come clean. How many alts do you possess? How many do you play on a regular basis? Feel free to tell us their names, class, level etc.


This is a friendly place where we won't judge or criticize, only support! Haters...the door is that way...


Okay, I'll begin!


The damage equals...20 SWTOR characters! Only two are under level 10. One is a 55. Five are 50+. Most of them reside on Jedi Covenant, but four are on Ebon Hawk, and one is on Begeren Colony (because at one point both JC and EH were down, and my addiction to this game and altoholism made me create a whole new character just so I could continue to play the game and not wait for my servers to come back up!).


Now it's your turn. :jawa_tongue:

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Brother/Sister LostInReverie, you are not alone and in my eyes you do not suffer much of the evil named altoholocism.


I have 12 lvl55 and one lvl 54 char.... and i desperately try not to use the next 600 CCs on one more slot...



Eshmael Gunslinger


Regularly played (Events, Reputaion dailys, FPs and OPs, mostly 72 equip)

Eshara Guardian

Esha Commando

Èsh Scoundrel

Esh'a Operative

Khantahr Sniper


Used for all the small things (Standing next to TaunTaun nests or OronetEggs, Crewskills)

Eshnaton Sage

Èshmael Sentinel

Esh'mael Marauder

Eshana Assassin

Esh'naton Powertech

Eshá Shadow

Eshia Vanguard

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Right with you on this! I have 20 toons (most on Shadowlands) spread out over 3 servers. In STO I have about 16 toons and when CoX was up, I had about 26 toons. One day i'll get it under control, but in the meantime i'm going to just ride the wave! :D
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Hi My name is Ta'sk and I am an Alt-oholic. :)


18 Chars in total on 2 Servers (JKS - 16 and Red Eclipse - 2). Out of those are 9 Lvl 55, 2 more 50ish and the rest anything between 15 and 30 something (There is a lvl 1 as well, I just created for leveling with a friend in the near future).

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Hello dear Altoholics,

I, too, seem to suffer from Altoholism. At the moment I have 23 Chars spread over 3 servers of which

6 are 55

10 are 50+

A (healthy?) mixture of both male and female characters; my Main is a Jedi Shadow whom I startet right at game launch and still play a bit.

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*stands up, looks around the room*


Hi, I have 22 characters on one pve server alone...I have another 8 (three of which are in their 50's) on a pvp server, and I'm not gonna count any name holders at all...


Ok so here goes, on the pve server I prefer to play...


7 lvl 55's...1 lvl 54...1 lvl 51...3 lvl 50's...1 lvl 37...1 lvl 36...1 lvl 35..1 lvl 24...1 lvl 21...1 lvl 17...1 lvl 15...2 lvl 12 and a 10.

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I... acknowledge before all of you I am an Alt-o-holic, and going to the Alt-O-holic anonimous meetings has not helped me much, I am trying to get over it, but, but its too much fun...


Wow you folks truly humble me, but I am relatively new to this game, but in DAOC I had 24 level 50s, WoW I had 4 level 85s (then i quit forever) and about 12 more at least level 55s, City of Heroes I had about 26 level 50s fully enhanced, LOTRO 8 fully maxed out, Guild-I 8 fully maxed out, and in all games if crafting was available I maxed every craft. I had not gotten into crafting in SWTOR, I am trying to resist, but I know I will succumb :<)



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Hello, I only have 2 55's and 4 toons that are from 33 up to 41. However my problem is I make a toon and level him up to 20ish or 30ish and delete him and start over. I made I image close to 200 toons doing this. Even in wow I now have 5 level 90 toons and have deleted way over 400 toons. Also I delete toons due to when I see the growing list of toons when I logon, I feel like its not getting to 55 or 90 its the after part the long road to Rep grind and getting that first tier gear then getting the 2nd tier of gear etc...I think I need to make a call to Dr. Phill
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Here I thought when I saw the thread title that my 8 would seem like anything. it's not really altoholism, though, just a conscious decision to have one character for each class. And I have played all of them in the last week or so.


(I have only been playing for a while, so the highest I have is level 23.)

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I don't have an alt problem. I can stop anytime I want to, besides, you're not the boss of me! If I want 25 characters, I can do that. Like I said, I don't have an alt problem.


I mean, I started with Ikinai, then had to make her trooper sister Tatakoo. Then there was their friend Illyse the sage jedi. Oh and she had to have a knight friend that she went through training with Alir'ane. So why stop there, cause what's a story without conflict, right? So I had to create a pair of chiss operatives, a brother sister team, Pi'lan and Pi'mar. Then they had to have someone to report to, so there is Lord Yaveen and Lord Onkazan and Darth Emma Jean, she's really mean for such a pretty name. Well, how could you forget about the need for bounty hunters, after all the agents needed someone to acquire targets for them, so there is Saul Vitore and his co-hunter whose name escapes at the moment(she is a relative new comer to the Velocity legacy). Then there are the ancillary members of the legacy, trooper Mazzy who reports to Tatakoo and Nal'Tina the guardian jedi who supports the troopers. Oh and of course there is Vixonous, Iki's friend and fellow smuggler.


Then of course there's the other server, where I uh, created the cast of Blade Runner :/

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Anyone else here want the ability to buy more slots on the same server? Max is 22 and I'm at 22, and I want to stay on my pve server, because I like it there, and I want access to all my stuff, but I have many more little experiments I want to do, so why not let us have more slots. We'd have to pay for them anyhow...and the money would help the server...


We should bug them for more slots. :D Who's with me? (someone...please be with me lol) :D

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Currently, on my main account, I have 25 and 1 more soon on it's way.


You will find me on my main server of Shadowlands and my alt ( lol ) server of Bastion.


May have more later, besides the next one planned, in time.


4 are 55, one 54, one 52, one 51, most of the rest are in mid upper 40's, with the lowest at 37.


As you can see, I do NOT have an alt problem, I have enough for the moment. :)


I run about an even 33% tank, heals, and dps.


My second account has 8 now as I deleted most off before f2p and let it become preferred.

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I thought I was bad, but then I read the comments and realized I could be worse lol XD


I currently have 17 characters, all on Jedi Covenant: nine 55s, two more 50+ (50 and 54), a level 30, a level 24 (shelved), a level 18, and three level 1s waiting to be played.


The Bounty Hunter event has helped, but I've played (*counts*) 9 of them this week.

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I am also an alt-aholic.


Currently I have 20 characters on The Shadowlands:

8 lvl 55's, a 28, a 37, and a 26 (which is the order they appear in my sig). 9 lvl 1's waiting for their turn. I ended up with mostly DPS; 3 tanks (shadow/guardian/powertech) and 1 healer (merc) on the active group, with plans to run 2 more healers (sage/op) and 3 more tanks (vanguard/assassin/jugg) from the lvl 1's.


I'd been planning to do 16 characters for a while (one of each AC) but I found RP/story/etc reasons to add a few more and expand the family tree. I'm sure I'll max out the character slots at some point.


I love events like the Bounty Contract Week that have restrictions on how much you can do per toon per day, because it's not a problem for me! :D

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