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Introducing SWTOR Voice testing with Shadowlands Server


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Since there is no voice chat per say in SWTOR I have decided to test a new service on my home server The Shadowlands. This service is meant to enhance gameplay by providing open voice chat for players not only leveling but for pick up flashpoint and operations groups. I know many guilds have their own voice chat servers however a lot of guilds like to keep them private thus I found the need for this service. This is a free service and will always be a free service. Currently we are testing the bandwidth and resources load of the server before we open it up to all the servers.


If you wish to use this optional service you can do so by downloading the mumble client either from the SWTOR Voice website or via the Mumble page. The info is listed below.


SWTOR Voice Chat for The Shadowlands Server Connection Info

Label: Shadowlands Voice Chat

Address: shadowlands.swtorvoice.com

Port: 64742

Username: Whatever you wish to be known as on the server



SWTOR Voice Chat Rules


1. By Connecting you agree to abide by these rules anytime you are connected to the server.

2. Since there is no profanity filter for voice chat we ask that you try and keep profanity to a minimum

3. Always be respectful of other players using the service.

4. DO NOT connect to a factions channel unless you have a character of that faction currently logged in.

5. Trolling will not be tolerated. This is a service set up to enhance the SWTOR community, provide voice communications for PUG groups, warzones and Operations.

6. No Links in chat to SWTOR exploits, illegal software, ***********, or anything that violates copyright laws.

7. Admins decisions on kicks, and bans are final. If you feel you have been wrongly removed from the server please contact the server Lead Admin

8. Most importantly have fun and enjoy the game and the SWTOR community.


For more info on SWTOR Voice, updates and what we have planned in the future you can visit our website at www.swtorvoice.com


Suggestions welcomed and appreciated.


Thank you and enjoy!

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The server is available for anyone to use. We thought it would be a great resource for people who were setting up PUG Operations and such for voice communications without having to invite a group of strangers into their various voice chat servers.


We are discussing some changes to the server right now. One of the things being considered is opening it up to all servers and setting the population limit to 1000 people.


The channel structure would look something like this:


Welcome Channel (Main log in channel)

-PUG 1

-PUG 2

-PUG 3

-PUG 4

-PUG 5

-PUG 6

-PUG 7

-PUG 8

-PUG 9

-PUG 10

Servername General Chat ( one for each different server)


so something like that and then we would add channels as needed.


This would open it up to multiple servers, maybe bring the community a little closer together as well as negate resources on my datacenter servers by having to host multiple servers. The servers are ran on a box in a 1GB per second datacenter outside of L.A. so bandwidth is never an issue.

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Instead of adding a new thread I will put updates on SWTOR Voice's launch progress here.


September 11, 2013


The development team at SWTOR Voice is excited about the worldwide (all severs) launch of SWTOR Voice. We have delayed the launch to add some new features and enrich some original ideas we had when starting this project.


We have received a few emails asking what SWTOR Voice will cost to use. The answer is NOTHING it is Free without limitations. This will never change. We may at some point install small ads to help pay for resource costs or a donation button if costs become an issue. SWTOR Voice is ran by a group of dedicated players who are committed to making the SWTOR a more enjoyable experience and enhancing the SWTOR community.


Now to what we consider to be the big news, the features we are working on.


Guild HoloNet

This is a feature we are truly excited about. Since there is no guild recruitment feature in SWTOR we decided to create one. Your guild will be able to create a profile advertising your guild, including the OPs progression your guild has killed (we plan to use that same progression to rank guilds based on content cleared in the future, this requires some additional coding but wont be available at launch). Players looking for a guild will be able to use the Search for Guild function to search for a guild using criteria such as server, guild type, etc. to find a guild that fits them. Also guilds hosting community server wide events will have the ability to post their events so that the community can view them on our main page.


OPEN Voice Chat Server Worldwide


This was the main core feature we wanted when we created SWTOR Voice. This will be an Open voice chat server for all SWTOR players to use at anytime from any server. There will be different channels set up for PUG groups to use for PUG OPs etc as well as a General Chat server for each individual server for general chat. The server cap is currently set at 200 but we can raise that at anytime to accommodate more users.


SWTOR Voice Forums


This is simply a quality of life feature that will allow people to post in the forums in topics ranging from General SWTOR Discussion to individual servers. We know that there are SWTOR forums here for that and we are not looking to compete with them. The main differences in our forums and the SWTOR General forums are that our rules are a little more relaxed about posting, we will allow polls, and the biggest difference is that all players, both F2P, Preferred and Subscribers are able to post to our forums.


That ladies and gentleman are the features we plan to have available at launch. We already have ideas in place to add additional features in the future. As for our launch date we are aiming from sometime today (Sept 11, 2013) through tomorrow. We are currently finishing up some small details and appearance items before we launch.


We hope you all enjoy the SWTOR Voice service and suggestions are always welcome.

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So is this thing still up and running? I'm thinking of getting together a Server Wide "Life Day" event, in relation to the actual one (Probably something along the lines of a massive snowball fight, depending on how the snowball thing works) and would love to make use of this server. Edited by DarkDecimator
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Yes the server is still up, however it is a worldwide voice chat server now. There are separate channels for PUG groups as well as a channel for each faction on each server. The server can accommodate 200 people at the moment but only takes me a few seconds to change the server limitations if needed.


The settings are still the same but you can view it at http://www.swtorvoice.com

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Awesome, the link isn't working properly for me though. It takes me to a cached version of the site instead of the current version. But any chance we can get a "Shadowlands World Event" channel added? I don't mind if it's temporary, would just like somewhere specifically for the event. I'm aiming for either the 26th or 28th for the event, haven't quite made up my mind about that yet.
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