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Operative healing


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Haven't been much of a healer in the past, but I'm finally gonna try it, and have settled on operative. Would go merc, but they get dps and tank companions so late...and I like having a companion o be able to practice on. And would go sorcerer, but...I don't wanna replay the storyline because I have a sin tank being leveled now.



Anyways, the main question is would this 36/7/3 build be a viable healing build, or should I tweak it a bit?




I think that link works...not sure. Never figured out how to save a build from swtor-spy and link in forums.


P.S. Picked infiltrator talent to increase move speed for more mobility, since I've read operative healers need to be good and mobile.

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I use this :



You have a very good mobility as Op no need to spend more on this. More alacrity means more instant casts in a given time. I dumped Med Screen for Evasive Imperative, because the heal that i adds is really small.


Anyway, I recommend checking http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=56339

You'll have the names for Scoundrel instead of Operative, but I found it to be very useful.

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It's a perfectly viable healing build, but while you're leveling make sure you go for your healing skills first (aka: Medicine tree). You'll want to tweak it a bit if you plan on healing operations or harder content, but for leveling that's just fine.


Typical choices for PvE operations healers:

Deadly Directive (2 points for Alacrity bonus)

Chem-Resistant Inlays (2 points for 4% damage taken reduction -- nice in terms of reducing unavoidable raid damage)


And people go back and forth about Med Shield and Evasive Imperative. Personally, I'm a fan of Evasive Imperative and find it useful when running PuG HM FPs.

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I like how you specced into Concealment, grabbing the stealth speed buff! That said, if you're looking for more of a pure healer spec, you'll want to add those points in lethality for the Directive alacrity bonus and put the other points into Chem. Inlays for the dmg reduction as the first guy mentioned. His build is pretty standard.


If you're PvE'ing, you dont really need to worry about extra mobility. If you're going PvP your build is viable, though not completely pure healing. If you're going pure PvP, I'd also recommend removing those points that benefit Diagnostic Scan and adding the Med shield and chem inlay points. You can get away without really using DS in PvP. I'll switch and use specs with and without it and both ways are viable.

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For PvP, my spec usually looks more like this:




Sometimes I take one point from Endorphin Rush and put it into Surprise Surgery, but lately I've felt that I get more benefit from it the way it's set up in the above link. I always have TA when I need it, so I don't spec into that talent very often anymore. This spec also works well for progression PvE content, though technically it might be more efficient to take points from Slip Away and put them into Med Shield for PvE content. Maybe for NiM Dread Guards it'd be nice to have that, but otherwise, I don't feel hindered in PvE by my spec at all.


As much as I like the Infiltrator talent in the Concealment tree, I feel like it's a waste for me to spend 2 points on Concealed Attacks just to get it. I do use Backstab now and then, but I'd rather spend those 2 points on something that can more directly boost my survivability or heals.


For PvP some healers go without Patient Studies. I prefer to keep it because I actually do usually manage to get a few burst heals off here and there, and I like to be able to recover my energy quickly when those situations arise. Seems like lately, most operative healers just run around hotting and probing everyone, which is fine (I do that, too, of course), but I don't feel that's always enough to save a key player in a tight situation, though it does give us those nice big numbers at the end of the match on the scoreboard. For me personally, I think it's nice to be able to get a good burst of healing off on someone and then regen some of that massive energy expenditure by using Diagnostic Scan.


The biggest issue (for me) with the spec posted in the OP is that there are no points spent in Deadly Directive (the alacrity talent). It's a really nice talent. I wouldn't want to go without it.

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