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Highlight Heroic mission givers


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As per this post:


Not sure where to post this, so I will post it here.


I would like to suggest there be some kind of way to easily distinguish between NPCs that give regular missions and those that give Heroic missions. I don't like doing heroic missions, and it gets annoying going through their whole conversation sequence just to find out that I have to go in and abandon the mission.


If there were a special icon or something hovering over those heroic NPC's, it would make it easier to just pass by and find something I want to do.


I completely agree. Sometimes I don't have time, or am just not in the mood to do a Heroic. And apart from the time wasted, and takes you out of the story when you say "You can rely on me", realise it's H4 and then have to abandon it.


This could be fixed so easily by making those mission givers Icon a different colour, or putting a description in their mouse over text.


Anyway, thanks for listening.


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