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PC games from last couple years


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I finally got a desktop to game on (previously gamed on a windows partition on a laptop big enough for just SWTOR) and I feel like I may have missed some PC games from the last couple years. I played on consoles aswell but still probably missed some.


Any great games that came out in the last couple years you would recommend?

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Drakensang 2. Most definitively. The offline game, of course.


Dragon Age : Origins was also quite good (a little bit too dark & gritty for my taste).


The Book Of Unwritten Tales is also highly recommended - if you like solving riddles, that is. It is very funny.


Also very funny : The Ankh trilogy.


Also very recommended by others : The Longest Journey (TLJ) and Dreamfall.


And Risen as well, apart from the Gothic series.


Funny, but also a bit difficult : Evil Genius, and James Bond kind of game where you play the evil mastermind, but have to defend your fortress against Agends and Spies, too. It goes a little bit into the direction of RTS.


If you like Monkey Island, then you could try out the recent Remake of it.

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