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Smart Phone App: Crew Skill Training


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Hello everyone!

I recently had an idea for an app, that could make crew skill training THAT much easier.

Of course , I don't know if this could be implemented with acceptable effort, but the idea is as follows:


1) Using this app, you log into your SWTOR account and select a character (Maybe linked to the smartphone security key app).

2) You get a screen of your crew skills (just like ingame)

3) From this screen, you can send your companions on missions or let them craft items.

4) Once your inventory is full, there could be several options:

- items get send to your cargo hold instead

- you can sell them for base price

- you can re-engineer some

- you can sell them at the GTN


I think the greatest version would be a 4-screen version, with:

- Crew Skills

- Crew Skill Trainers

- Inventory



What do you think?

Too much effort?

Technically difficult/problematic?

Not necessary?


Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend.


-- DD

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At the Guild Summit over a year ago, one of the Bioware Devs (can't remember who) mentioned that this was on their wish list to do. He continued by adding its a huge undertaking and likely wont be implemented for a very long time, if at all.


That was also before the game went free to play and dropped under a million subscribers :( so who knows if it's even a possibility anymore.

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