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What to play next? Spoiler-free class story recommendations!


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First of all, I know this thread doesn't need to be server-specific, but I feel like we have kind of a unique perspective here on the sole remaining RP-PvP server, and like we can have fun discussing this among friends.


As of yesterday, I have beaten SWTOR - that is, I finished all 8 class stories at least once. I'm sure it's not uncommon this late in the game, but I thought now would be a good time to reflect on the highlights, and to offer recommendations to people who are trying to pick their next alt. I think all the stories have something to offer, but I know for a fact that individual preferences will vary a lot. I'm just going to throw in my two cents here, and I encourage others to do the same.


I think different class stories are "best" in different ways, so that's the way I'm breaking it down.


Best "epic hero" story: Jedi Knight


It's often been said that the Knight story is the closest you'll get to a true KOTOR 3, and it's true. Everything in the Knight story happens on a grand scale, and the fate of the galaxy is hanging in the balance at every second. Not everybody wants the old-fashioned mythic good vs. evil Star Wars story, but if you do you'll want to play the Knight.


I've been playing Jedi Knights since beta and I've seen the light and dark version, the male and female version, and even some of the obscure gray-side options. In my opinion, this story rewards kinda sticking to the script and playing the big hero, but it'll be a nice epic adventure either way.


Fair warning: Chapter one is a little slow / repetitive. Just stick with it, because it ramps up the crazy and has the "biggest" ending in the game.



Best "epic villain" story: Sith Inquisitor


This is the one where I had the most fun being a jerk to everybody. You start out getting kicked around enough to get good and angry, and then you get to rise up and pay it forward. In terms of story, the Inquisitor gets all the best evil schemes and opportunities to betray people. In terms of dialogue, you get to really chew the scenery and put the fear into absolutely everybody you meet. The Inquisitor is a classic bad guy.


I tried playing a light-side Inquisitor once... ended up deleting him. There are some good "gray" moments along the way, but you'll want to lean dark to see the best of it.


If you want to wring your hands and cackle madly a lot, it's Inquisitor all the way.



Best "epic neutral" story: Bounty Hunter


If you relish the idea of playing a lone wolf who lives by his or her own code and hesitates to commit to either side of the war, I'd recommend this one. Bounty Hunter has a vibe that reminds me a lot of Firefly. You really get to be that character on the forgotten fringe of society, fighting for your own survival more than anyone's cause.


Bounty Hunter is one that plays great if you mix up the light and dark choices and just trust your gut. Maybe you want to make a difference, or maybe you just want to make a stack of credits, but in the end it's just you and your crew against the whole messed-up galaxy, and it was a good day if you're still flyin'.



Best chapter one: Smuggler


The Smuggler story is never terrible, but at the beginning is where it really shines. Chapter one of the Smuggler story has the BEST antagonist in the entire game. You absolutely love to hate that guy. You'll almost miss him when it's over. It also features a cool treasure-hunting plot with a lot of great twists and funny characters. If you want a quick, casual bit of fun in between playing slightly more epic stories, check it out.


To be fair, the very end of the Smuggler story is pretty cool too, especially the dark-side version. (I ended up finishing both versions, eventually.) The Smuggler also gets a lot of fantastic dialogue and a lot of really entertaining companions, but man... it really drags in the middle. Or maybe it only feels that way because chapter one is so, so good.



Deepest / most complex story: Imperial Agent


It's hard to describe or categorize this story, but a lot of experienced players say it's the best one, and it's hard to argue with that. It's not as epic as the Knight or as funny as the Smuggler, but it's an incredibly rich story with lots of layers to it. Unlike a lot of the other ones, there's no clear best way to play the Agent story. The lead character is a bit of a blank slate with room to grow in any number of directions, and you're unusually free to choose your own allegiances, your own motivations.


There's also a sense with the Agent story that you're peeking behind the curtain and seeing how the galaxy really works. You get to see everybody's dirty laundry, Empire and Republic alike. The vibe of the Agent story is dystopian and paranoid. It feels like a mix of Blade Runner and James Bond. Basically, it's just really cool.



I liked all the other stories just fine, but those were the standouts to me. If people want individual write-ups of the rest, or you have questions or anything, I'll answer... but I'd rather hear other people's perspectives. What were YOUR favorite stories?

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How about the Sith warrior story? I only finished chapter 1. In the story, it seems like I am the top dog, but still always working for someone. Do I get to stop working for someone and start a coup instead? Like Malgus did and declare himself the emperor?
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How about the Sith warrior story? I only finished chapter 1. In the story, it seems like I am the top dog, but still always working for someone. Do I get to stop working for someone and start a coup instead? Like Malgus did and declare himself the emperor?


It gets SO amazing, keep going!!! You'll like the route it goes for sure.

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I ended up playing the Sith Warrior light-side on the recommendations of a few other people, and it is pretty cool that way. You end up with an interesting subplot of trying to hide your true nature from the other Sith, and you get to mess with the heads of a lot of really confused Jedi.


You do get a decent rise-to-power story out of it, but it's not as dramatic as the Inquisitor's story. It's true that you spend a lot of time being on somebody else's leash, because it centers around the idea of you being Vader to somebody else's Palpatine.


In archetypal terms the Warrior is more of a henchman character than a boss. That can be fun in its own way, though. You're the enforcer. You're the one nobody wants to see at their door, because it means they messed up and they're about to face the consequences.

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The agent was by far my favorite story and there are so many ways to add variety to it. Not to mention, the absolute best lineup of companion side stories and such.


I also enjoyed inquisitor thoroughly. I thought it was the most epic of all and i love some of the twists.


I felt bounty hunter was extremely boring. A shame really, it could've been much better.


I thought warrior was a rather bland and predictable story, but the companions were pretty fun so i did enjoy it.


The smuggler story is pretty cool, and yes definitely best chapter 1.


The trooper was unfortunately also dull for me.


Consular i enjoyed a lot but i think it might be interesting to try as an evil path :-)

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