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Space Pikeys looking for capable players.


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Hi ya'll, so Space Pikeys guild has been around since forever, we had great days of tremendous activity, OPS and PvP domination back in the day. Then with the massive unsubs that happened we kinda died as a guild that contested for that coveted top tier spot.


Though we're attempting to make a comeback and we require your help to do it. If you have that competitive edge to excel in very facet of this game (personally I focus on PvP) and want to be part of a fun atmosphere where people play for fun and have your back at all times, we believe this is the guild for you.


We hope to find people who will relish the chance of being on mumble with us and have a good time while playing SWTOR. Was just PvPing until bloody 4 in the morning eh :D


We take both PvE and PvP players, with constant operations and WZ groups going on until late hours of the night.


Also if you're a new player on this game or server and are interested in joining to be a part of our guild, do PM Veckna ingame and we'll see if we can get you a spot, maybe even give you some guidance going forward.


That is all, for more information about joining <Space Pikeys> PM Veckna ingame.

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