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[BUG] Lord Scourge Body Color Bug


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I've been playing dress-up with Lord Scourge, and noticed he has a strange body color bug when wearing more revealing gear.


Here is what Scourgey looks like shirtless normally: http://i44.tinypic.com/wjhwcw.jpg


As you can see, he's got the same color chest as he does face. That makes sense, no problem.


Here's Scourge wearing the Relaxed Vestments chest piece: http://i40.tinypic.com/28j92.jpg


Please note his chest is now much paler red than his face, and there is a "neckline" on this gear which should, of course, not be there. Thus, I believe either the gear is bugged, or his model is bugged. I understand this may be to compensate for the awkward shaping on his upper chest (The "V"s), but it should at least keep the same color.

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So then, it should be fixed? =)


Actually, now that I'm looking at it again (and having looked at it on a male character, heh) I can see what you mean. Scourge appears to be wearing the female model (similarly to how Qyzen wears the female model of Mira's Jacket).


And that's silly.

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