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Fresh 55 Earpiece and Implant suggestions.


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Hey so I recently got my Sorc to level 55, and my usual policy has been to find crafted implants and earpieces on the GTN with either power/surge or power/accuracy on them, and then filling out enhancements which I can craft myself to get around 99+% accuracy (109%+ Force/Tech accuracy) and around a 67% crit multiplier


On my commando and sniper (and so my gunslinger as well) this was easily accomplished with the Artifact Microfilament line, where the implants in particular couldn't be improved by anything less than Verpine/Underworld level.


Unfortunately for my Sorc, I've only been able to find power/alacrity implants and a Crit/Surge earpiece. Am I just missing something or do I need to resort to commendations? Sitting at 107% Force Accuracy and a 63% crit multiplier makes me a sad panda =(

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