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Bad Karma Recruiting for Hard Mode/Nightmare Operations Team.


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Bad Karma is recruiting for our eight man Operations Team. We are currently seeking the following classes:


Trooper/Sage/Smuggler HEALER (must have geared DPS spec and be adept at it).

Guardian/Shadow/Vanguard DPS (must have a geared TANK spec and be adept at it).


Bad Karma is a guild with an experienced history in MMO's and we are returning to SWTOR to clear Hard Mode and Nightmare mode content. We have already cleared Hard Mode TFB as well as Hard Mode TC; we are starting SaV Hard Mode and we are seeking experienced, mature MMO gamers to join our close knit eight man team to progress into Nightmare Mode and set us up for the release of the forthcoming new Operation.


Our premise is a hardcore guild with a casual attitude. This means you don't have to play every night and every day, we all have irl to deal with but come our three raid nights a week for three hours you bring everything you have. If you want to play with like minded gamers who enjoy each others company and killing sith lords then do not hesitate to contact Nazdreg, Vladutz or Nídhöggur.


Our raid nights are: Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 8pm GMT+1 till 11pm GMT+1.


Anyone applying must be twenty one years or older and already experienced with the SWTOR mechanics, level 55 and 69's geared minimum. And It is mandatory to have a mic and be able to actively communicate. We use a no ALT policy, they are permitted in guild but the class you are recruited as is the class that gets a raid spot.

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